Please ask questions before ordering. There is no refund for
software (designs) after delivery. If the files are corrupt or a disk
is defective or an incorrect size or format is ordered, I will help
you with this. However, only the set purchased will be replaced.

Orders may be placed via secure online ordering. Orders processed
by Thread Sketches are processed by or Paypal and their name will appear on your
statement. The purchase links are located in the catalogs for
design collections.

Buyer beware: Copies of my designs sold on Ebay or other
auctions sites or websites are ILLEGAL, pirated copies.

I may need telephone you to further verify an order. Where any
information is missing or unverifiable, the sale will be cancelled.

Due to an increased risk of credit card fraud, my payment gateway
has advised that we not accept payment without a "real" email
from an internet service provider. No hotmail emails please.
Hotmail and msn email accounts most often reject embroidery
zips, so please advise of an alternate email. Yahoo emails work
Q: Do you sell design collections on cd or in packages?
A: Yes, I will ship a cd to you and if I have a set prepackaged for retail
sell, I can mail this to you.

Q: Do you accept mail orders?
A: Yes. Please email first so that I can make sure you are ordering the
correct files for your machine. Also, it is helpful to know if a mail order
is en route so that I can watch for it. Never send cash! I'll send a link
for my mail order form.

Q: Do you wholesale to dealerships?
A: No.

Q: Can the designs be resold?
A: Absolutely not. It clearly states in design documentation that you
may not resell the designs. By purchasing you are only acquiring the
right to sew the designs out. You may also stitch them on items you
sell in doing business, provided no mass marketing is involved. But you
absolutely may not give them away, trade them, or resell. I have gift
certificates that can be emailed or mailed to the recipient.

Q: Do you sell individual designs?
A: At this time I do not sell individually from this site.

Q: What happens when I order by credit card from this site? When you
click on the order button, the item is added to a shopping cart. After
completing the transaction, you will receive a confirmation of your order
and payment. When you complete your order, it is done from a secure
site by 2Checkout is a member of the BBBonline
reliability program. I will also receive a confirmation and will send the
design files to you via email as soon as possible. Orders will be filled
within 48hours, unless I need to contact you regarding the order. I
receive full details of the order EXCEPT your credit card information. I
also use Paypal to receive payments. You no longer have to have a
Paypal account to make your online credit card purchase.

Q: How long does delivery take?
A: Orders from this site can take 24-48 hours for delivery.

Q: How are designs delivered?
A: Designs are normally delivered via email attachment. You will need
Adobe Reader 5.0 to open my pdf stitch documents.

Q: Do you offer delivery by mail?
A. Yes, but an additional $7.00 fee applies and you must use the
2Checkout shopping cart. Just click add to cart and select your delivery

Q: Which format should I purchase?
A: I advise you to purchase the format you use. Hus format are the
original file formats, but many of the files may be manipulated
specifically for your format's needs. Please feel free to email me to
discuss what format will best suit your machine if there is a question. If
you are limited to a 4x4 hoop, choose the small version of sets.

Q: I need another format. What do I do?
A: If you aquire another machine, just email me and let me know so
that I can make a note on your product registration and send you the
appropriate files. This is a courtesy.

Q: I have lost my designs. Can you help me?
A: I will replace sets purchased up to 6 months after purchase, so
please back up your files when you receive them.

Q: Are your designs tested?
A: Yes, my designs are tested by independent testers. However,
please note that designs are digitized for a medium weight woven with
a layer of tearaway. Results will vary if proper stabilization is not used.
For a knit, always stabilize with a cut away of appropriate weight for
the substrate. Do not stretch the fabric in the hoop or tighten the
screw after hooping. The hoop should be set prior to hooping so that
the fabric "drum" is set when hooping. Using sticky paper is NOT
advised unless specifically called for. Sticky paper tends to break down
very quickly and does not provide adequate stabilization in most cases.
Designs are digitized for 40wt. polyester embroidery thread. Rayon
40wt thread will do fine as well. Keep in mind that there are many
variables that an affect design outcome. We aim for an average
scenario as stated above. Please do not resize the designs. If you wish
to experiment with resizing, perserve the original file So far, no resizing
software is capable of rendering satisfactory results for random edge

Order FAQ